4 timeless fashion rules every man should know

One of the secrets to looking immaculate is to always dress true to ourselves and to follow the written and unwritten dress code.

It is worth investing in a nice watch
One of a man's most expressive accessories is a good-looking watch, whether it's stylish,
sporty or a modern smartwatch. It's important that the piece you choose reflects your
personality, that it matches other pieces in your wardrobe, and that it's a size you're
comfortable with.

Feel free to use colours
Interestingly, most men today are intimidated by colour, but there is plenty to discover outside
of black and dark grey. Fata Morgana's men's collection makes it easy for anyone to find their
own style, whether you're looking for understated or cool. Available in different shades of
beige or even blue, the pieces will quickly become a big favourite.

Choosing the perfect trousers
It is becoming more and more accepted to wear jeans alongside chinos in business settings,
which, when paired with a shirt, jacket and the right shoes, can give the person wearing them
a distinctly chic look. However, there is no doubt that chinos are still an impossible piece to
overlook, whether it's for a meeting, dinner or even a social gathering - and it's worth stocking
up on them in a range of colours, including from the Fata Morgana collection.

Footwear is everything
If you want to get to know someone, look at their shoes - so the saying goes. It's worth
investing in a few timeless shoes in addition to the everyday pieces. In the summer months,
good quality loafers, moccasins and sneakers are on the palette alongside espadrilles, but it's
also worth having a classic leather shoe in your wardrobe.