Happy Valentine's Day!

Occasionwear for a special event? With the pieces of the Fata Morgana collection the success is guaranteed.

Most of us associate Valentine's Day with the red colour and fine, exclusive materials.
This is not a coincidence as the day of love that has been celebrated all over the world since the end of the 20th century does deserve it. Just as love itself, this day is to be celebrated with great respect.
To achieve such a refined appearance, lace, silk and satin can be used, as for/and when it comes to colours the classic black or white can be a good choice.
We all know that a small, classic, black piece is a must have in every woman's wardrobe. A kind of dress that can be grabbed for any occasions.
We have this 'classic black' in the Fata Morgana's collection in different styles – of course in the minimalist one that is typical of our brand with a refined, detailed finishing.
Wearing dresses made from satin and silk suggest elegance for their wearers. Especially if these fine fabrics are combined with lace. This way, Valentine's Day is just going to be wonderful.