Instant style: the White Blazer

There are iconic basic pieces wearing which one can never get it wrong, such as Fata Morgana's white blazer.
While just a few years ago the blazer was still considered to be an absolutely classic office uniform, thanks to the uncrowned queens of fashion, it has by now become an unavoidable piece of street style. In terms of colours, patterns and styles, everyone can find the most suitable for their style, but those who want to go for sure will definitely invest in a white piece. In addition to the fact that this colour can be varied extremely well with other garments, it is guaranteed to be timeless, because if anything, white has always been, and will of course be, fashionable in all eras.
The high-quality material selection of the Fata Morgana white blazer ensures that it is comfortable to wear from an early morning start, even on a very long day. The crop style perfectly emphasizes the shape, and the sophisticated richness of detail suggests an elegant effect from afar. Wearing it everyone can experience the flair factor suited to their own style; while wearing it with a pair of jeans and sneakers it suggests a lighter overall effect, paired with a dress and high-heeled shoes it reflects its wearer's loose elegance.
Whether it’s a rushing weekday, a late afternoon meeting with friends, or even a romantic dinner, the white blazer can be an ideal choice in any situation on light, fall days.