The perfect capsule wardrobe built on high-quality pieces

Fata Morgana’s principle is that every single piece must be timeless and high-quality.

Who cares about the future of our planet and keeps the sustainable lifestyle in mind, knows that fashion is a little piece of our lives where we can take small steps to create a better future. A well made capsule wardrobe is a perfect starting point, and it’s principal is that you don’t need to have a bunch of clothes falling out of your closet, but the pieces you have there must be high-quality and timeless so you can wear them with joy after years.

Fata Morgana mostly works with french and italian materials, because they represent high quality. The must have clothes of the collections are unquestionable because of the premium materials, minimal colours and patterns.

“It is very important to us to create timeless pieces, it’s a primary consideration when we start designing. Our mission is to see our clients happy to wear that piece in the second or even third year after the purchase.”

You can perfectly mix and match the different pieces with each other, which is essential for a well-assembled capsule wardrobe. The playfulness of the accessories gives the client enough space to bring her specific style in.