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The first impression begins with your appearance: in case of temporary weather, our coat tells almost more about us than our handshake.

Whether it’s an important meeting, a conference at work, or even just a good coffee with a friend we haven’t seen in a long time, it’s a fact that we want to give our best. While in the case of the former situations, a significant part of the first impression is taken away by what kind of outfit we wear, but at a friendly meeting it can also be an imprint of the mood of our particular stage of life.

Fata Morgana’s iconic baby blue trench coat gives us an elegant but cool image of its wearer, and embodies all that a modern woman needs these days. The perfect line-up follows the body in a way that highlights feminine shapes, yet is not too much at all. The tiny details designed with geometric precision are completed by gold accessories. The high-quality Italian material ensures that our favorite coat can be considered the must have piece of our wardrobe for years. This baby blue colour gives us an elegant look even when we wear it with black or white pieces, but you can make a cool outfit if you put jeans on.

The first positive impression is guaranteed, and they will remember the powerful woman in the iconic blue trench coat after years as well.